IT Services for Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Alternative Investment Vehicles

Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) firms need to leverage technology to make them secure, safe, and compliant.

Each PE and VC firm needs to have their technology tailored to their specific needs. Each solution needs to fit within the firm's budget, comfort with risk, and business environment. Our customized solutions will maximize efficiency with IT environments and give a renewed sense of focus.

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Technology Struggles for Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms

Technology Struggles for Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms

Common struggles for PE and VC firms include:

A lack of responsive and proactive technology support

Cybersecurity challenges stemming from a lack of strategic guidance

Absence of a strategy for managing, safeguarding, or securing business data

Failing to reduce downtime or enhance efficiencies for employees

PE and VC firms operate within a complex regulatory landscape. Our goal is to help them operate with respect to industry regulations and compliance requirements. These include requirements set forth by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) for Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and other regulated companies.

The result firms receive in working with us is technology that works for them and not against them. The IT environment will be supported and managed through a proactive approach that reinforces business growth and operational health.

Technology Solutions for Private Equity and Venture Capital firms

Our IT Solutions enable firms to redirect their focus to working on their businesses, while benefiting from white glove support to resolve IT-specific pain points. PE and VC firm's need solutions such as:

Cybersecurity Solutions that keep staff and data safe.

Fully Managed Solutions where we manage all the IT components.

IT Helpdesk Support that proactively solves tech issues before they become issues.

Strategic IT Planning in developing the technology strategy.

Infrastructure Management where we manage the overall health of the virtual and physical infrastructure.

Cloud Integrations that prepare firms with the proper process of managing data, roadmap, then moving data.

IT Projects where we partner to manage and implement projects where efficiency and productivity are the result.

The Process of Partnering with You

Partnering with us to solve your technology struggles is simple.

  1. 1

    Schedule a Discovery Call where we learn about you and your firm while identifying and discussing your IT obstacles.

  2. 2

    You’ll receive valuable guidance, information, and recommendations as we determine if we’re a good fit to work together.

  3. 3

    We’ll deliver a proposal to you that outlines how we’ll work together in solving your challenges along with expectations.

  4. 4

    You decide if we’re the right partner for you. From there, we’ll handle the rest.

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